Lolcats dating

What could possibly be said of lolcats that is of any consequence at all after all, lolcats are nothing but pictures of cats with silly captions that defy conventional rules of. I started with a lolcat, because, you know, people love lolcats i'm not old enough to enjoy croquet i added the following text and sent it out to everyone in my organization . Lolcats is the best place to find and submit funny cat memes and other silly cat materials to share with the world dating fails fail nation failbook monday .

You helped popularized lolcats from a running gag to an online sensation now mainstream media writes asinine columns on this 'phenomenon', students write theses on the topic, programming languages adopt the grammar, and losers write tests about them on dating sites. A lolcat (pronounced lol -kat ) is an image macro of one or more cats the image's text is often idiosyncratic and grammatically incorrect, and is known as lolspeak. How to make a lolcat if you're internet-savvy, you've probably come across a lolcat--an image macro usually featuring a cat and a caption in broken english you might subscribe to them through rss, or even collect them.

Lolcat creator free download - lolcat, the creator, the creator, and many more programs. Lily wonka despite inventing chocolate laxatives, she could never match her brother's success. Cat string theory is a phrase coined by mystery that refers to the fact i'm vince and i created pua lingo so you can find unbiased info on social dynamics and dating. Topics roflcon, internet, celebrity, entertainment, technology, funny videos, computers, lolcats publisher respectably french mix up a bunch of super famous internet memes, some brainy academics, a big audience, dump them in cambridge, ma and you've got roflcon.

Page 2 of 1599 - funny dating fails (& some wins) from the beautiful world of the internet. If you thought lolcats were the creation of the internet-savvy millennial generation, then think again these pictures show craze for animals pictured in bizarre situations dates back as early as . Explore search interest for lolcat by time, location and popularity on google trends.

These hilarious photographs, believed to date back to 1914, are the original cat memes - or 'lolcats' - a term first recorded in 2006 to define an image created by combining a humorous shot of a . The latest tweets from lolcatscom (@lolcatsofficial) the official twitter for - funny cat pictures with hilarious captions. Lolcats funny cat pictures: lolcats, lol, funny, cats, cat pictures, cute, meme, cheezburger, icanhaz lolcats, funny cat pictures with hilarious captions.

Lolcats dating

Comics from around the web 21 patient souls share the dumbest questions they've ever been asked. Com/en provides an introduction on e-reputation and a test that visitors can take to evaluate their knowledge of the web and determine the lolcat that corresponds to their specific profile. The latest articles about lolcats from mashable, the media and tech company. Lolcat straight python port of the ruby version at but with 100% more fun, because, hey, it’s not ruby there are no external .

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See more 'lolcats' images on know your meme. Lolcat teh documentary – where art meets the internet in order to create the lolcat film, we wanted to approach the piece in a style consistent with our own style, and unique to the genre. « july 23, 2007 » new items coming to this exciting column soon . # lolcats generator # lolcats images # lolcats cheezburger # lolcats birthday # lolcats i can has # lolcats language # lolcats facebook # lolcats msanna # lolcats youtube # lolcats happy birthday similar apps.

Lolcats dating
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